About Me

Welcome to the Terror Dome.

Just kidding.

…sort of.

I’m Madison, and I’m just trying to figure things out.

I’ve just recently gotten married to the kindest, fiercest man I’ve ever met and we’ve relocated from Waco, Texas to Durham, North Carolina where we are now living happily in a cozy home with our rescue pup, Henry. That was a big sentence, but life has been big too. There’s no time for sentence breaks! Or, something.

I’ve tried this blogging thing on and off for about four years now. And, each of those years, I begin to hate it all and start over. The layout, the font, the colors all get thrown out in favor of something newer and a little more clever. An evolving self-portrait, if you will. And here we are again, but it’s not quite the same as before. Nothing looks the same, but I guess existential crises will do that to you.

There’s not much to say here that won’t eventually be said in a blog post. I’m young, I’m growing, and I’m learning how to finally take up space without apologizing. And god, do I love to write.

So, thanks for stopping by. I don’t know if you’re looking for anything, but I hope you find it. I hope we all do.